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Carbon Fiber Oil Inclinometer Buoy[explain in detail]

Carbon Fiber Oil Inclinometer Buoy


37.4mm(Inner Diameter )×48.2(OD) mm×1200mm
38mm (Inner Diameter) ×49mm (OD) ×1200mm

Main Parameter:

Pressure:≧80 Mpa
Temperature:long durability at minus 150 degrees
Length of tube : can be customized
Apply mud weight: 1.5 (Carbon fiber pontoon ) ≥1.5(Aluminum alloy pontoon )


The complete original product is within the pipe and electronic probe, two plugs, and a set of ground equipment, collectively called inclinometer, is used in oil field oil well parameters such as Angle measurement. Carbon fiber tube is equivalent to a protective container. the buoy before use is given priority to with aluminum alloy material, carbon fiber is mainly due to carbon fiber corrosion resistance, resistance to high temperature, high pressure, low density, etc, can rely on their own buoyancy to well during drilling pump stop working, convenient operation, simple.

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